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Belay glasses

Belay glasses

Belay glasses are specialized glasses designed for climbers to make belaying for a partner easier and more efficient. Belay glasses have a prism lense that allow the belayer to focus on both the belay device, surroundings while also having visual on the climber on the wall. This can make it easier to see both the route and the rope at the same time, increasing safety and comfort during climbing.

Belay glasses are typically made of lightweight and durable materials and have UV-resistant lenses to protect the eyes from harmful rays. They also often have polarized lenses to reduce glare and improve visibility in various lighting conditions. This can be especially useful for indoor climbing, where lighting conditions can vary greatly.

In addition to increasing safety and comfort, belay glasses can also improve climbing performance. By allowing the belayer to focus on the route and the rope at the same time, belay glasses can make it easier to communicate with the climber and provide quick and efficient belay support. This can help the climber focus on the route and climb with greater confidence and control.

Belay glasses are a valuable tool for indoor climbers and can be used in any type of indoor climbing setting, from gym climbing to bouldering. They are easy to use and can be worn over regular glasses or contact lenses. If you are an indoor climber, consider investing in a pair of belay glasses to enhance your climbing experience and improve your safety.

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